"Fai Chun" Skate Deck

  • This deck is Inspired by the chinese "fai chun" 揮春, which is a traditional decoration that is frequently used during Chinese New Year. People put fai chun in the doorway to create jubilant festive atmosphere since the phrases written on it always send out good vibe. In this design,  出入平安 means be safe wherever you go. Traditional "fai chun" is in bright red color with black or gold characters inscribed on it with a brush. Similar to the color of fire, red color was chosen as to scare the legendary fierce and barbarous beast “Nian”, which ate up villagers’ crops, livestock on the eve of the new year. "Fai chun" is in either square or rectangular shape and can be hung vertically or horizontally. Not only does it exist in China, but also in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.